Why Community DNS?

Our Cyber Security Solutions Make A Difference

Community DNS (CDNS) has special expertise in confronting and eliminating attack vectors and in understanding exposure risks. In response, CDNS dedicates significant resources to the ongoing development of leading-edge solutions to defend against Cyber Attacks.

In the current digital landscape, corporations, governments and institutions all need the highest levels of cyber security, speed, and resilience to protect the integrity of databases, operations, and digital assets. CDNS has been a pioneer in delivering leading-edge DNS security-based solutions and has maintained 100% uptime since 1996.

CDNS can deliver a set of cyber security and intelligence capabilities that none of our competitors can deliver. Furthermore, due to our extensive network, our capabilities are far outside the traditional approach to security. We can help our clients defend against attack vectors they cannot defend against today. As a result of our fast, secure and resilient global infrastructure, we move your defense from the edge of the enterprise to closer to the point of the attack.

  • Multiple DNS Anycast Clouds with over 64 global nodes in 48 countries
  • Up to one-fifth of the Internet comes to Community DNS for Authoritative DNS Data
  • Authoritative DNS Database – approximately 60-70% of Internet (178M Names)
  • Service over 180 million Domains

CDNS Security


Engineered for maximum security to protect Users, Data, and the Internet.

The technology found in CDNS' network was originally designed with high levels of security in mind, working to military grade specifications. As such the operating system and database have been customized and optimized for both security and speed. When delivering DNS resolution services to provide for a resilient Internet, especially when protecting it's customers from the malicious community, both security and speed of response matter!

  • Algorithm Based Detection and Mitigation of Attacks
  • Hardened, Encrypted Clouds
  • Authoritative DNS Response
  • DNSSEC Signing

CDNS Speed


Speed if the unspoken word - the first to answer wins.

CDNS has a proven record for software and technology systems innovations since 1994 and has been providing DNS Resolution Services since 1996, since which time we have managed to maintain a 100% uptime for our customers.

  • 64 Nodes – 48 Countries
  • Anycast (Multiple Global Clouds)
  • Proprietary Software – 11X Faster than the industry norm
  • CDNS is over 8 to 10 times faster than traditional DNS platforms

CDNS Resiliency


The ability to maintain and resolve during the largest attacks the Internet has seen.

CDNS provides unparalleled performance by possessing a unique and proven ability to distinguish good DNS requests from bad, and to answer only the good requests. By moving the mitigation closer to the point of attack, the organization’s normal operational infrastructure is more protected, leading to a more resilient service and Internet. Secondly, there are significant performance advantages to having authoritative data within a host network, low latency, and no need for validation as authoritative data is already known and held “in-house”.

  • Global Reach and Resilience (64 Nodes in 48 Countries)
  • Redundant Network Operating Centers with rapid recovery
  • Global Peering Agreements