DNS Resolution

Secure, Fast and Resilient. Approximately, 20% of the Internet utilizes CDNS for authoritative DNS data.

CommunityDNS is the global leader in providing DNS Resolution, serving over 180m Domains and the Authoritative source for over 30 Top-Level Domains (TLDs). 20% of the Internet comes to CDNS for Authoritative DNS data. CDNS also has the most expansive protection and resolution global clouds, providing 100% customer up time.

DNS Resolution

Domain Name Service (DNS) is a fundamental ‘speed dial’ to IP addresses, and is core to nearly all users and machine-to-machine interaction. CDNS offers a proprietary DNS Resolution Platform. Enhanced global monitoring and reporting of domains using proprietary tool sets. Leading-edge threat protection, web forwarding and Global Load Balancing. CDNS has unique technologies to enhance and optimize DNS resolution.

Critical Internet Infrastructure

  • Approximately one-fifth of the Internet comes to CDNS for Authoritative DNS Data
  • 180m Domains rely on CDNS for resolution
CDNS Shield

Cloud Architecture & Attributes – Security, Speed, Resiliency

  • Anycast Architecture – Multiple Global Clouds
  • 64 Nodes in 48 Countries
  • Adaptive mitigation algorithms
  • Hardened bespoke Cloud architecture
  • Native IPv6

Services and Features

  • Anycast Routing
  • Enhanced global monitoring and reporting tool set
  • Proprietary portal and tool set
  • DDoS and threat protection
  • Web forwarding
  • GEO-CDNS – Global load balancing
  • Advanced Traffic Management/Shaping
  • Global NOCs 24x7 Support
  • SLA Available