Brief History

Community DNS (CDNS) is a longtime leader in providing unprecedented levels of security and capacity. From day one Community DNS (CDNS) has always ensured resilience through incorporating exceedingly high levels of security and efficiency into its platform design.

With offices in the US, the UK and Japan, Community DNS (CDNS) is the global Anycast provider whose network was engineered for security, optimized for speed and designed for resiliency. Successfully supporting more than 180 million domain names from over 97 TLDs, CommunityDNS processes close to 19 billion queries per day. With security integral in the network's initial design, CommunityDNS was chosen to work in a study commissioned by the EU Commission's office of the Directorate General for Justice, Freedom and Security regarding Internet resiliency for the European Union. Fully supporting IPv6, DNSSEC and IDNs, Community DNS (CDNS) provides global DNS Anycast services, fully managed DNS platform services, BGP route monitoring services, a suite of cyber defense services, white-labeling services and global partnerships.